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Academy Policies and Ethos

Sophie Gallie Dance Academy offers a unique learning experience for all from the age of seventeen months to young adults. We focus our training on delivering an appropriate and comprehensive understanding of dance techniques to all of our students, whilst encouraging individual development under a structured and supportive environment.

We instil in our dancers a sense of drive to be the best dancer that they can be, we focus not on peer and parent competition but instead on supporting every SGDA family member; because only when a child is supported and nurtured will they have the confidence and ability to excel.

Under our training children and young people alike develop passion, love and enjoyment for dance and receive 'an education of a lifetime by offering them professional and up-to-date training whilst engendering a quality learning environment.

Teacher Code of Conduct

  • Teachers will ensure that students are given the opportunity to learn and train in a safe, secure and nurturing environment

  • Teachers will use positive, respectful language when teaching and give constructive feedback and criticism to all students, impartially and without prejudice

  • Teachers will instruct students regardless of talent or ability and encourage all students to extend themselves and continually improve their individual performance

  • Teachers will be punctual and prepared for their classes

  • Teachers will respect the rights and privacy of students and staff members

  • Teachers will promote positive body image by modelling good choices in nutrition, exercise, language and behaviour

Student Code of Behaviour

  • Students are required to respect the rights and privacy of their teachers and each other

  • Students are required to respect Academy property

  • Students are required to attend all classes, punctually and as a courtesy, apologise when interrupting a class and to advise teachers (in advance when possible) if they will be absent from a class

  • Students are required to moderate their language and conversation around fellow students and teachers while at the Studio, mindful that they are role models, especially for younger, impressionable students

  • Students are required to revise and practice when preparing for Showcases / Performances / Examinations / Class Awards

  • Students are required to moderate their language, conversation and behaviour when they are representing the Academy at Events

  • Students are required to clean up after themselves and maintain neat and clean studios, change areas and amenities.

  • Students are required to use deodorant. 

  • Student honesty is mandatory. Stealing is not tolerated and will result in expulsion from the school. 


All new students must enrol via Class 4 Kids, during online enrolment you will have to confirm twice to agree to abide by the Academy’s Rules of Conduct, Policies and Procedures

Compulsory Dance Class Enrolment Policies

  • Pre-Primary - Grade 6 RAD exam/award students are required to participate regularly in both their weekly classes

  • Vocational Major RAD exam students must enrol in at least one/two other classes of ballet per week

  • Students Pre-Primary – Grade 6 may not undertake regular classical ballet training at another dance school while enrolled at SGDA

  • Students may undertake dance training extension classes in dance styles not offered at the Academy such as Street, Commercial and Hip-Hop 

  • As a courtesy to the Academy, students must seek permission before enrolling / attending regular classes at any other dance studio. Holiday Programs and Workshops are exempt from this policy however please notify SDGA of the workshops/programs attended

  • Failure to comply with this policy may result in the student being asked to leave the Academy. If students are unsure about the perimeters of this policy, please consult with the Academy Principal

  • Failure to comply with this policy may result in the student being asked to leave the Academy. If students are unsure about the perimeters of this policy, please consult with the Academy Principal

  • If a student is unable to make their class we should be notified as a matter of courtesy via the Absence form

Fees, Terms & Conditions Policy

  • Due Dates | All fees to be paid two weeks before the new term. Overdue Accounts could incur a 10% late fee penalty unless a prior arrangement has been made

  • No Refunds are given for lessons missed by students

  • Private lessons must be paid ahead of the session

  • If your bill remains unpaid your child will not be able to attend class until the bill has been settled in full including any additional fees

  • Venue and Timetable Amendments: Sophie Gallie Dance Academy reserves the right to make amendments to the scheduled venue or timetable of classes in the event that the first-choice venue is unavailable due to a school event or any unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, every effort will be made to find an alternative venue or adjust the timetable accordingly. Sophie Gallie Dance Academy also reserves the right to combine classes if necessary to accommodate any venue or scheduling changes. Any changes to the venue or timetable will be communicated to the students and their parents or guardians. Sophie Gallie Dance Academy will not be held liable for any inconvenience or loss resulting from such changes.

Student Withdrawal / Cancellation Policy

  • Email notification is required if discontinuing as a courtesy to management and administration.

  • Six weeks' notice is requested. Failure to do so will result in 50% of the terms' fees being invoiced; the reason being that your child's place is held each term and so cancellation less of 6 weeks prevents another student from being able to enrol in their place; it also enables us to assess viability of timetabled classes.

  • Term fees are non – refundable. 

Ballet / Dancewear Uniform Policy:

  • Students must wear the SGDA Regulated uniform

  • SGDA Academy Kit is encouraged wherever possible

  • When attending external workshops/taster days/ auditions SGDA Academy Kit must be worn

Academy Uniform Swap Shop

Student Photography / Video / Recording Policies:

  • Photographs / Videos / Audio-recording - Students may not photograph / video / record audio in classes or change-rooms without the teacher’s or student's permission

  • Where permission has been given to record a class / routine for rehearsal purposes, use of that recording has been authorised for that purpose only and under no circumstances must it be posted or allowed to be posted by others on social networking media of any kind. Images of students must not be posted by anyone on social media without that student's knowledge and permission.

  • Choreography is owned by the teacher. No choreography is allowed to be posted on any social media without permission from the teacher.

  • During Parent Viewing / Open Week, parents have traditionally been allowed to photograph / video their child for their family archives. Naturally other students might be filmed in the process. For reasons of privacy, parents / guardians and some students may not be comfortable with this. Students or parents / guardians who do not wish their child to be photographed / videoed either intentionally or unintentionally have the right to withhold their permission. Therefore if any student, parent / guardian objects to photos / videos / recordings being taken of their class during Parent Viewing / Open Week, no cameras or recorders will be permitted to be used for that class.

  • Parents who do not wish photography / videoing of their child are to notify the Academy Principal via email

  • Recording of live performances is strictly not allowed for reasons of copyright. This is a policy embraced by all theatres / venues as it is recognised that the choreography being performed is owned outright by its creator. Professional DVD / Digital / Photographs are authorised for purchase by the performer for private use only.

Photography for Promotional / Advertising / Social Media:

  • The Academy photographs and videos students at the studio and performance venues for use in promotion of the Academy and its students and for use on our social media platforms. Parents or guardians who do not wish images of their child (17yrs or under) published should contact Sophie Day on

Academy Rules

  • Faculty Changes | The Academy does not notify individual students when a teacher becomes unavailable to teach their class.

  • In the event that a class needs to be cancelled we will either continue the class via Zoom link, re-schedule, or add a class on to the new term.

  • No food, gum or open liquid containers other than sealed water containers are allowed inside the studios.

  • Lost Property - Personal items such as clothing and shoes will be collected by SDGA Staff or the venue, please contact for Lost Items. Lost Property is kept for one term.

  • Accidents and Injuries | Report all accidents and injuries to the teacher immediately. All accidents and injuries must have an accident / injury report registered

  • Change Rooms / Student Amenities | Students are required to clean up after themselves and maintain neat and clean studios, change areas and toilets

  • Deodorant | Students may only apply roll on deodorant in the dressing area as spray deodorants can cause allergic / asthmatic reactions for some students

  • Feminine Hygiene | receptacles for hygienic disposal in all female toilets. Feminine hygiene products not to be flushed in toilets as they can block the system

  • Should due to illness, unforeseen circumstances or pandemic classes are taken online, classes will be held over Zoom. All codes will be sent out to students via email.

  • Please bear in mind the office hours when contacting the SGDA Team, correspondence is only attended to during those hours:                               Monday AM, Wednesday AM

  • When corresponding with SGDA please do so via Text Message (0789145614) or via email ( only               

  • Complaints Policy, to request this please email 

Student Drop Off / Collection

  • An adult must wait with their until they are granted studio entry, do not drop and run

  • No child will be allowed to leave site unattended unless their adult has completed the Independent Departure Form

  • Responsible adult should ensure that they are on sit to collect their child promptly

  • Late pick-up may result in a £10 charge to cover venue hire extension and staff time

Website Privacy Policy

  • This web site is owned and operated by Sophie Gallie Dance Academy and will be referred to as "We", "our" and "us" in this Internet Privacy Policy. By using this site, you agree to the Internet Privacy Policy of this web site ("the web site"), which is set out on this web site page. The Internet Privacy Policy relates to the collection and use of personal information you may supply to us through your conduct on the web site. 

  • We reserve the right, at our discretion, to modify or remove portions of this Internet Privacy Policy at any time. This Internet Privacy Policy is in addition to any other terms and conditions applicable to the web site. We do not make any representations about third party web sites that may be linked to the web site. 

  • We recognise the importance of protecting the privacy of information collected about visitors to our web site, in particular information that is capable of identifying an individual ("personal information"). This Internet Privacy Policy governs the manner in which your personal information, obtained through the web site, will be dealt with. This Internet Privacy Policy should be reviewed periodically so that you are updated on any changes. We welcome your comments and feedback. 

    Personal information about visitors to our site is collected only when knowingly and voluntarily submitted. For example, we may need to collect such information to provide you with further services or to answer or forward any requests or enquiries. It is our intention that this policy will protect your personal information from being dealt with in any way that is inconsistent with applicable privacy laws in the United Kingdom. 

Liability Disclaimer

Dancing is a strenuous activity from which injuries could arise. 

Sophie Gallie Dance Academy, Sophie Day and the Academy teachers / staff are NOT LIABLE for personal injuries, or loss of, or damage to personal property. 

Each student may decline to participate in any activity. Please inform instructor of any physical limitations you may have. If you are in doubt as to your physical abilities, please consult your GP before participating. 
Sophie Gallie Dance Academy staff cannot dispense medication. 

Participants understand and agree to Sophie Gallie Dance Academy policies. Participants release and hold harmless Sophie Gallie Dance Academy, Sophie Day and the teachers / staff for any and all claims, losses and suits.

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