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Is it your first time visiting us?

We know that our prospective students and parents may feel a little nervous ahead of coming to the Academy for the first class, and so we want to help you feel fully prepared and excited.

What do we need to do?

1. Book and pay for a trial class via Class 4 Kids

2. Ensure that you have the venue address: The Firs School, 45 Newton Lane, Upton, CH2 2HJ 

3. Have your dancer dressed in their current dance uniform, or if they are a complete beginner then comfy clothing will be great, e.g. leggings and a t-shirt

4. Make sure that your dancer brings a bottle of water with them to class

5. Arrive at the studio a few minutes early so that your dancer can get their bearings

*One adult is permitted to watch the trial class if they wish to

What to expect at the trial class...

Dancers are to wait on the astro turf prior to their session time, when it is time to come into the studio they will be invited in via the left fire door where they will have their temperature checked and will be required to anti-bac their hands.

Once they have been admitted into the studio they will then go through to the corridor where they can leave their belongings, the dancers will come back into the studio where they will be welcomed and a register will be taken.

We do not expect your child to know the technical work that is being taught, nor do we expect them to be able to demonstrate it perfectly. What we are looking for is a child who wants to learn, loves to dance, and brings a smile to the class! Please emphasise to them that there will be work that they find tricky, and they may feel a little shy not knowing everything that the other dancers do but this is a completely normal feeling which will soon disappear.

After the trial class you will receive a booking invitation via email (please check junkmail) where you can accept or decline your child's place. We ask that you either accept or reject the place within in 48 hours so that we can either secure your child's place, or open it up to another student. 

Want to enrol, but not just yet?

Do you need to give notice of leave to your current dance school? If so, then we will be happy to hold your child's place post-trial until the next term, or half term. There is no deposit required to do so, but we do ask that if for some reason your child is unexpectedly unable to take up their place that you do send a courtesy email to let us know.

Parking on-site

The Firs School restricts weekday car park access prior to 17:50 so please ensure that you utilise the nearby road parking before 17:50. After 17:50 weekdays there is limited parking available on site, please be aware that there will be pedestrians on the driveway and so speed should be limited.

There are no on-site parking restrictions on a Saturday.

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