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Student Assistant Programme

We offer our Senior & Elite Students the opportunity to become a Student Assistant:

- What does this involve?

- Who is considered for the role?

- Why is this role available?

- How do students apply?

Please see below for further information...

What is a Student Assistant and what does the role involve?

The role of a student assistant is to provide in-studio support to the Teacher by helping out the younger students in class.

Their role frequently includes assisting with toilet trips, taking class attendance, handing out props, keeping the children focused and giving 1-1 help when required; this role ensures that our little ones never feel 'lost' in class.


Who is considered for the role?

We are looking for SGDA Grads, Senior and Elite Students who are reliable, dedicated and passionate role-models for our younger students.

Students who apply must study, or have studied Ballet at SGDA and demonstrate a concise understanding of technique, along with the ability to communicate clearly and confidently with SGDA Staff.

Why is this role available?

Each year we encourage a new cohort of students to experience being a Student Assistant.

Student assistants are able to develop leadership skills, get work experience with the children, improve their own dance knowledge and technique, alongside developing their own self confidence.


For dancers who are considering a role in teaching for a career the student assistant role shows them the other side of the 'classroom'.


Please complete this form to apply for the position of Student Assistant.

Closing date: Friday, 2nd September 2022

Please view our timetable via the link below to see which classes take place when:

Thanks for submitting!

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