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Welcome to our new dancer...

Welcome to the SGDA Family!

We are thrilled that you are putting your trust into Sophie Gallie Dance Academy to nurture and train your aspiring dancer, it is a privilege to work with your child.

You may have moved to us from another dance school, or you may be a complete beginner; either way it is important to understand how we work as an Academy so please visit our policies page.

We hear it said very often that we are 'completely different' from other dance schools, we place such a high importance on correct technical training, we encourage good communication between the academy and parents, we care for each child as an individual and because of that we have a thorough safeguarding policy.

The safety and well-being of your child comes above and beyond all else.

New parent checklist

1) Become familiar with our policies including our cancellation policy

2) Ensure payment has been made as this secures your child's place, not only for this term but for future terms too

3) Add and to your email account to prevent any messages hitting the junk mail

4) Join the SGDA Parents Facebook Group:

5) Uniform - try your best to get your child kitted out in their uniform within the first few weeks of enrolling

New student checklist

1) Be brave in class and try to speak to new faces

2) Talk to your teachers, ask if you need help and speak to them if you are feeling anxious

3) Try your very best, we don't expect you to be perfect, understand that mistakes are the only way to learn and improve

4) Trust that your teacher wants the very best for you and believe that they will help you to reach your goals

5) Be reassured that you are immediately part of the SGDA Family, don't see yourself as 'the new one' because we don't see you that way

SGDA Academy Kit

We are often asked if we have Academy Kit to buy, and we do! 

There are a number of different clothing items available from t-shirts, to joggers, tracksuits, bags and hoodies. If you would like to see the available range then just click the button below.

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