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Why are we so passionate about uniform?

There are a number of reasons why having a dress code is important to our academy and values. At SGDA we have specific uniform requirements for each class. We also have T-Shirts, Jackets, Bags and Sweat available too.


Read on to find out why we are such big believers in wearing a uniform at SGDA!

Feeling part of a team...

Wearing a uniform creates a sense of identity and belonging within the academy. Academy pride is a wonderful way for students to strive to be the best dancer they can be and show support for their team. When all students are wearing a uniform, it prevents cliques or little groups forming as students feel they are part of one big team rather than smaller friendship circles.

Reducing bullying...

Dress codes or Uniforms are a reminder that there are rules to follow and respect in the studio. Having a set uniform across the board represents the idea that all students are equal. Ensuring that students are in the same outfit reduces the incidence of bullying about who’s wearing the latest brand of clothes or has the best dance shoes.

Practicality & Safety...

Uniform is designed to be a safe and practical outfit for your child to dance in. At SGDA, our uniform is breathable and designed to move with your dancer so that they are never uncomfortable. Having a dress code cuts down on distractions in the classroom and allows the teacher to see a dancers alignment and posture in order to make corrections.


Inappropriate clothing such as loose fit clothing, metal zips, and rigid fabrics can be uncomfortable and may become tripping hazards for your dancer in class, so the safest and most practical solution is to wear your dance uniform!

Overall, uniform promotes unity and inclusiveness while decreasing the risk of injury in the studio! At SGDA, we feel that uniform encourages the dancers to work as a team and gives students a sense of identity. 

Please note that SGDA have now outsourced the uniform shop directly to our new supplier, this means that all order, delivery and returns queries must go directly to the supplier instead of to the SGDA Office.

Academy Kit

We love seeing our dancers arrive in their academy kit, we encourage our dancers to wear the SGDA Kit when attending auditions or workshops so that they can be identified as training at SGDA.

SGDA Kit is available to order twice per term, an order link will be sent out on email at the start and middle of each term. We do not hold stock and so each item is made to order - please allow up to 14 days from last order date for items to arrive.

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