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Work Experience

At the start of July, we had Elite Student, Grace, with us for her Work Experience. Grace candidly told us that she thought we had a rather cushy job with a nice long lie-in, plenty of free time and tv watching before we would turn up to teach a few classes in the evening...

Should we see what she though post-work experience?

"Earlier this year I was tasked by my school to set up my own work experience, so I went to Mrs Day and SGDA. I have been a student at SGDA for 10 years, so I was intrigued to see what the other side of a dance school was like. She gave me a great opportunity to work alongside her and `Miss Warburton for 3 days.

I believed that the work would mostly involve helping out in dance classes, teaching little ones, taking notes on teaching techniques but what I actually got to experience was far better.

Mrs Day gave me a full insight to what running a dance school was like. I helped catalogue all the costumes from every show - a taxing but fulfilling job, she had me 'create' my own dance school finding out all he costs for initial outlay and then calculating how many classes I would have to teach before starting to make any money from the job.

Not only did I help out in lessons, I created a lesson plan and taught an entire class by myself, working with the children and being flexible with the lesson.

My three days with Mrs Day were one of the most enjoyable and educational ever! I've learned so much from her about the dance school and how much work it actually is to do what she does.

I'm very grateful for the opportunity that she has given me and couldn't have got more out of my work experience!"

So, if any of our dancers are in Year 10 next year and would like to take work experience with us just pop an email over to the office.

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