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Miss Lucy Warburton - Teacher

Lucy Warburton began dancing at the age of six, Lucy started training under the tutelage of Sophie Day at age 10. When SGDA was established in 2011 Lucy was the first student on the SGDA books and she thrived under the academy's training programme which enabled her to become a Hammond Dance Associate at age 13. 

Lucy graduated from SGDA in 2016 when she successfully auditioned for full-time training at The Hammond School on their Post-16 Professional Dance Course, she was initially awarded a scholarship to train there and then latterly a Dance and Drama Award. 



Lucy was a Student Assistant at SGDA from 2011 - 2016 and was a Teaching Assistant and Cover Teacher at the Academy from 2016 - 2019. 


Lucy has been a fully-fledged SGDA Teaching Staff member since 2019, despite being in the early stages of her teaching career she has a decade of experience under her belt, this means that she is very familiar with the ethos of SGDA and Lucy's teaching style echoes that of Mrs Day's.


Miss Warburton is a very well-respected member of the SGDA Teaching Team, she unfailingly brings out the best in each and every student under her care whilst instilling in them discipline, excellent dance technique and self-confidence.


Miss Warburton is a fully-qualified MK Pilates Matwork Stage One instructor, she also holds a DBS Certificate, and is working towards being a qualified RAD Ballet Teacher.


Lucy graduated from The Hammond School in July 2019, and holds a Level 6 Trinity Diploma in Professional Dance, she is a certified Fire Marshall and holds a certification from the NSPCC in Child Safeguarding.

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